Sunday, August 2, 2009

No One Really Wanted To See Me On a Box Anyway, Right?

'Cause I was on a box, but I was too embarrassed to ask anyone to take a picture, because I was alone on the box and posted a pretty weak time getting there.

But technically (and only technically), I won the women's Cat 2 class at the DRT Brown County time trial today. The details aren't that exciting; I just didn't ride well and fell well short of my goal of staying within 10 minutes of the Cat 1 girls.

One thing that I realized today is that my race-pace handling skills are not as good as I thought they were. This year I've spent my skills sessions working on muscling over rocky formations and I haven't put much time in on corning work. However, there were two different instances today where I got dropped on downhills when I really shouldn't have. I also rode like the biggest sketchball ever on the Aynes descent, but that can largely be credited to fatigue.

Speaking of a different type of skills, I think I've decided to this women's road racing clinic. Even though I don't ever see myself becoming a serious road racer, I've discovered that it's fun to race road sometimes for a change of scenery. Hopefully, this clinic will help me be able to race a little smarter when I do race on the road.


Aaron said...

My race handling skills normally suck too. Seems I'm always caught up trying not to barf so I do stupid stuff and crash. Had a race last season (know the course really well) where I was in first by quite a bit. Washed out the front wheel in an uphill corner and was stunned enough that I lost 2 spots. Sucked!

Just try and keep your mind calm while your body is doing its thing.

Emily said...

don't be hatin' on yourself!

i wouldve taken a picture but i didn't have a camera, sorry =(

Lindsay Hall-Stec said...

I was going to just have someone take a picture with my cell phone, but I didn't want to ask.

Don't worry, some day I will have a legitimate and well-earned occasion to stand on a box. Then I will happily ask someone to photograph it.