Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Negative Nancy

I was almost done with a long post about how much I was dreading Sunday's DINO race at BCSP, and both the old and the more recent resentments that had built up to that dread.  However, in the process of dragging out all of those feelings, I think worked through what I needed to work though and came to the conclusion that having those feelings posted publicly would only stunt me in pursuit to grow up and move on.  It took me a while to figure it out, but it's obvious that negativity towards myself and my competition only slows me down, rather than motivating me to be faster.  

I'll make it short.  There was a record number of Cat 2 women's racers with a field of 26.  I got 14th out of those 26 with a time that was three minutes faster than my winning time last year.  I'm fairly certain the course was just fast, though, because I definitely felt weaker than last year, but I guess you always feel weaker buried in the middle of the pack than you do at the front.

So that's that.  Time to start working on improving both my fitness and my attitude.