Monday, June 30, 2008

At Least It Wasn't a Spider

So I'd kind of been ignoring the fact that my throat was sore at least part of the day EVERY DAY since the Lumberjack. I felt below average, but not horrible. I just thought it was pollen or something. Then I had a really good ride at Wednesday Worlds.

Too bad I woke up the next day and found it was hard to swallow my breakfast. Worst of all, it was a weird scratchy pain concentrated in one side of my throat. It felt like a poisonous spider was living in my throat. Gross, I know. I finally got out the flashlight and took a peak. No spider, but a really nasty spot on the back of my throat. I went the doctor and found out I have a viral infection. No antibiotics for me, just rest and wait. Which is how I spent my weekend.


I think the Shenandoah Mountain 100 is officially out of the question. I've decided to set my sights on the doing the 12 hour solo division at the 24 Hours of DINO instead. That gives me four more weeks to get ready and less financial risk involved. I guess it's not "risk" when you know you're not getting your money back either way, but I at least want to get a finish time for my investment.

Plus, if I make my goal of 100 miles (10 laps) I will break the course record set by Indiana mountain biking's favorite daughter and one my "heroes", Sally Marchand Collins, who was 3rd at the 24 Hours of Adrenaline world championships last year. Of course, her record is a few years old, as the last couple of years she has been part of the famous 24 Hours of DINO duo "Drunky the Clown and The Sundance Kid". There hasn't actually been a female 12 hour solo contender since 2005, but it still sounds cool.

It wouldn't kill me to hang up my "reverse sandbagger" mantle for just a little while and take an easy "W", right?

Either that or I just inadvertently smack-talked every fast female in the state into coming to beat me to it.

It should be a good time either way.

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Sarah said...

Feel better soon!