Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Night Worlds

Tonight was my first Wednesday Worlds training ride and I did surpass my goal of making it 10 minutes without getting dropped. In retrospect, it was kind of a weak goal, but I don't suppose it hurts to start small sometimes. I didn't make it much longer than 10 minutes and I won't waste space on excuses why. I just have a lot learn about road riding in groups, but that's precisely why I'm doing it. I've been so scared of group riding in the past that I will only try once or twice a year. Then I would get dropped and wouldn't try again for a long time. So for now, I'm just working on showing up and trying to get a little better each week. It's not even about the fitness really; its about adding skills to my arsenal that have been sorely lacking in my cycling career so far. The good news is that I have 14 more chances to get it right before the season's over.


Liz Schleeper said...

Hey, way to go. Lumberjack was deceptively difficult. I wish I could have met you there. Somehow missed your name on start sheet. FYI, Shen 100 has way more climbing, but the single loop has a different psychological effect. I think easier in sense of not returning to the start point 3 times but harder for climbing and technical aspects. My thoughts are that these 100 milers don't always happen the first time, but the training that you get attempting them sure help for the next ones!

Sarah said...

Lindsay- you did it! You showed up for the local roadie ride, and you didn't die. I think you and I lasted about the same amount of time before we got dropped tonight! We really are secret sisters. I just hope you didn't have to do the time trial of shame in front of spectators like I did in the crit.

Lindsay said...

Sarah - No TT of shame. Actually, I think NO ONE noticed. I was trying to get back on when everyone was regrouping at the top of a hill and saw someone at the front give a "everbody together?" glance back and then the whole pack accelerated away from me.