Sunday, June 22, 2008


That would be the best way to describe the last week for me. It seems that the Lumberjack took its toll on me mentally and physically, even if I didn't finish. My training was actually decent, in that I did more or less everything that I was supposed to, but my efforts were less than spectacular. However, work, class, and everything else seemed to suffer as I tried to drag myself though training for the week. I spent the whole week mentally stressed about my homework and procrastinating, and I still did a fairly crappy job. The worst part was that I was never able to just get it done and have the load off my chest, which only made the stress worse. I finally just settled for a very half-assed job tonight and a vow that I would tackle the next week's work as soon as I get home tomorrow.

I had a fun and interesting weekend, despite being very worn out from it. Saturday was jam-packed as I had a two-hour ride with hill repeats at Brown County in the morning. Then I had to rush back to town to get cleaned up and take care of some stuff that needed to be done, because I was volunteering as a corner marshall at the Bloomington Crit in the late afternoon/evening. I got an easy corner, so mostly I just got to watch the race, and Adam got off work earlier than expected to join me. Then a couple of our friends from Muncie showed up unexpectedly to race and we all went out to eat afterwards. It made for a good time, but a much later night than we had planned.

This morning I tried to catch up on my sleep and then I headed out for a three-hour road ride. My legs were tired, and I was pretty bored, but I made it through. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing errands, resting, doing half-assed homework, and spending much-needed quality time with my husband.

So I finally got through the week and (mostly) did what I needed to do, even if I had to drag through it. Unfortunately, I am writing this at 10:20 p.m. and I'm a long way from being ready for bed. So I better get on that so that I don't go into another week worn out and draggin'.

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Sarah said...

Draggin' through counts! Good job on juggling a ton of stuff AND training.