Friday, July 4, 2008

Worst 4th of July Ever!!!

Why? Because I've spent the entire day working on what I truly believe to be the hardest paper I've ever written, even counting the "mini-thesis" I did for my master's program. At least I had a whole semester to finish that. As it is, I'm already five days overdo (and still not finished) due to the good grace of my professor, but I absolutely have to finish it tonight. I really hope this certificate pays off in the long run, because right now it's just sucking the life out me.

I really hope that I can learn to balance things better soon. By taking classes, I've made something that was already hard (training and working full-time) a lot harder. The upside of it is that when it's all over I will still be under 30 (plenty of good cycling years left) and I will certainly have a new appreciation for how "easy" I have it. I would really just rather not have the next year (57 weeks to be exact) of cycling messed up by what may or may not turn out to be a profitable career investment.


The good news is that I have two days of racing ahead of me. I don't expect much after all the life-sucking homework and viruses of the last couple of weeks, but it should be fun at least. It is the DINO AMBC weekend with shortrack and "downhill" tomorrow and XC on Sunday. I'm going to try the "downhill" for the first time in my career tomorrow and I'm sort of hoping to bring home a state championship. That's mostly because I expect to be the only woman who tries it. If that turns out to be the case, I just have to make it to the bottom without breaking anything and I get 10 bonus points for the series. That seems like it would be reasonable on a course that reasonably skilled men have completed on hardtails and where winning times are in the 20-second range. Of course, I'm not a reasonably skilled man, but maybe my 3.5 inches of travel will help me out a bit.

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