Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Lindsay Rodkey Reunion Tour: Coming to a Town Near You (If you live in any of the towns listed below).

The reunion being between me and my bike(s), of course. I have more or less disposed of my classwork and only the final paper remains. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have taken Thursday and Friday off work to ensure that I can spend a long weekend riding, writing, and relaxing and still have my sanity intact on Monday. More importantly, this weekend marks the transition between the sucktastic season that never really got off it's feet, and the remaining months of racing that I hope enjoy before packing it in for another long winter. So starting with an easy spin tonight, the following is a list planned stops in the Lindsay Rodkey Reunion Tour:

August 17: DINO Logansport, IN. The site of the greatest sport race of my career. It rained, people crashed, it was awesome.

September 14: Town Run Park, Indianapolis, IN. The DINO finale on the "7-mile BMX track". I may or may not do well, but it will be fun.

September 28: Warsaw, IN. 12 of the 24 Hours of DINO and my last shot at endurance racing for 2008. Just pedal (but not too slow because the course is rolly and maintaining speed is important).

October 10-12: OVCX's Cincinnati Area Three-Day International Cyclocross Weekend. Pretty lofty title to kick off my 'cross season. The Sunday race at Harbin Park is my favorite 'cross race, so I won't miss that, but it's too soon to say if I will be attending the Friday and/or Saturday races.

October 25-26: USGP Louisville. The biggest race in the Midwest, but I have to remember to wear my Velo Bella Hallow-flair this year.

Undecided Interim 'cross race sometime in November.

November 30: Storm the Greens, Louisville, KY. I've never been to this one, but I hear it's good.

December 7: Brookside Park, Indianapolis, IN. The state championship and the only "real" 'cross race on Indiana soil. This course is also a favorite of mine.

The festivities may or may not conclude with the Lindsay Rodkey Big Fat Cycling Vacation in December. I've been contemplating this for a while, but it's still too soon to decide. On our third Christmas as married people, Adam finally agreed to come spend the holiday with my crazy family in Oklahoma last year. In return, I'm planning to spend the actual day of Christmas with his family this year, but I will be making a trip home some time in December. So I've been contemplating a) jumping into the women's 3-4 race at 'cross nationals in Kansas City b) stopping to visit the rocks in Arkansas c) all of the above.

Of course, while Kansas and Arkansas both border Oklahoma, neither is actually on the way to or from my parents' house. However, I figure if I'm driving west of the Mississippi it's worth it to detour for recreational purposes. It will just depend on weather, fitness, and finances when the time rolls around.


Sarah said...

Man, if I didn't have to work that Saturday, I'd drive over to do the 24 hours of Dino. I've been looking for a 24 hour race to try... It's an 11 hour drive from LR (via Mapquest), though.

Come to Arkansas! The trails will be perfect, and it's the best mountain biking weather. We can preride the course or just play on the fun stuff! We could even have an estrogen ride, if you want, with Suzie and Leona. We'll put you up, feed you, and provide cold beer and good food.

Lindsay said...

Sarah - That sounds great! I'm actually fairly certain I'll stop in Arkansas on the way home, unless the weather is looking really bad.

It would cool if you came for the DINO 24 Hour, but I know how the work thing goes.