Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Stuff

To go along with my odd feeling that the 2008 season never REALLY started, my 2008 team kit just arrived in the mail today. It's very, um, black. In addition to the normal bibs and jersey, I also got a thermal jacket and short-sleeved skinsuit for early season 'cross races. It may be weird, but I really love wearing skinsuits. The long sleeve one I got last year was my favorite thing ever, but I'm a little worried because I discovered that the new one has a man-chamois instead of the pretty pink women's one like last year. It's very thick and weird feeling.

Since Campbell was laying on the bed during the photo shoot, I decided to contrast him with the black cat on the shorts. However, the light in our bedroom is weird and the picture didn't turn out too well.

In other news, I rode my bike TWO DAYS IN A ROW. It shouldn't be big news, but it kind of is right now. I'm slowly getting back on the right track.

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Mallie said...

Be very careful with that chamois. You do not want to deal with what I've been going through of late. YIKES!