Monday, July 14, 2008

Small Breakthrough

The other day I got so busy talking about job drama (still waiting to hear) and the big breakthrough it will be if I make it through this week of training as planned that I forgot to mention the small breakthrough that I had last week. After nearly five years of riding road bikes in some capacity or another, I got my first "while I was riding" flat. I've had a few leaks that resulted in post-ride flats, but I've never actually had to change in tire myself on the road.

Well, I'd never actually successfully changed a tire period, since I'm a prissy butt and make Adam do it for me whenever possible. I'm satisfied that I KNOW how to, and don't want to muss my manicure unnecessarily. However, last Thursday I had to (luckily no fresh manicure was mussed) and was surprisingly successful. My previous attempts have all been on mountain bike tires and apparently they are a lot harder. I've never been able to roll them all the way back on the rim, but with the road tire I was able to do it fairly easily. Best of all, it actually held air for the rest of my ride. So I didn't do much to get faster last week, but at least I had one breakthrough.

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