Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm going to refrain from lengthy commentary today, but I just wanted to say how hard my workout was yesterday. It was three sets of the following: 20 box jumps followed by 5 X 30 sprints on the trainer in my biggest gear. Yep, sprints are fun at 15 seconds, hard at 20 seconds, and apparently torturous at 30 seconds. My legs were jello afterwards, but I guess it's good for me.

Today is more sprinting, but these just babies: 10 seconds out of the saddle, then 10 seconds in the saddle every 5 minutes over the course of a 1.5 hour zone 2 ride. These are the fun kind.


Just in case anyone was planning on trying to eat a whole mango at their desk at work while wearing freshly dry-cleaned clothes, don't. Stick with apples and bananas.

Don't ask me how I know this either.


Sarah said...

I think it's cruel and unusual punishment to make an athlete sprint 30 seconds, and do box jumps in between.

Lindsay said...

Yes, I have name it the "Basement Torture" workout, but I guess anything that hard must make me faster. We'll see in a couple of weeks.