Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brain Fried

Well, the interview is over and the thank yous are sent. Now all I have to do is wait (hopefully less than two weeks). Thanks to everyone who wished me good (even if it was just mentally). I've just been a little too brain fried until now to post anything.

For the record, the interview went okay. I've been joking that I did my normal nervous stuttering, but the content of what I stuttered was impeccable. That's not completely true, but I put a lot hard work and thought into my presentation and I think I came up with a heck of a sales pitch. I just wish I would have delivered it a little more smoothly. However, after being the interviewer so many times over the last couple of months, I have a strong feeling that I sounded worse to myself that I did to the people listening.

Then I spent the entire workday today in Indianapolis doing training and I am overcome with a deep exhaustion right now. I've been a little short on sleep the last couple of nights, but I think the real problem is that all the stress is just screwing up my brain chemistry and telling me I need to crash. I'm more relaxed than I have been for the last week, but I'm not fully where I should be.

I've almost got my whole class strategy figured out. It helps that I have a three-day weekend coming up. It's turning out to be much more work that I expected, but hopefully I can learn to manage class and training. I may just need to wean myself off my movie addiction for a while and figure out some new ways to keep myself calm.

As for training, there's not much to it right now. I got my training plan from now until the Lumberjack yesterday and it's reasonably kind. Apparently, I'm still tapering for it after all (from what I don't know). I'm going to just take it as an opportunity to get back on my feet and rebuild some my consistency. Since the plan is a little easier I'll hopefully be able to stick with it through the race. The Lumberjack is going to be yet another "learning experience" or "even more expensive group ride", but I'm pretty sure if I made it through the Ouachita Challenge I can make it through the Lumberjack.

Then I'll have 11 weeks until the Shenandoah, then all of cross season, and then, oh, the rest of my life to try and get fast. On days like today, I'm honestly way too tired to be anxious and the rest of my life seems soon enough. I might change my mind about that once I'm feeling good again...

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