Monday, May 5, 2008

Day of Rest

Yesterday, I had a much needed "day of rest", which I learned is a lot different from a "rest day". Technically, I had three rest days last week (two planned, one unplanned), but I still went into the race Saturday feeling like the living dead. That's because it's the non-training stuff that's killing me. It seems that too often my "rest days" are just weekdays where I don't have to ride, so I just run around town like an insane woman doing errands after work. It's not very restful, even though I'm not training.

Yesterday, however, I did ride, but it was a lot closer to a real rest day than I've had in a long time. I slept 12 hours as planned. I then got up 11 and ate a leisurely breakfast while watching a movie. Then I ran a couple of errands with Adam and got ice cream. After I got home, I went on a 1:15 easy ride on the road, showered, and made a nice dinner. After all that I was still in bed before 10. I seriously need to do that more often.

Now today is a "rest day" per my schedule, but I'm still stuck running around after work. I really try to get everything I need to do done on the weekend, but it's hard when I'm racing or traveling as I was last weekend and this past Saturday. I did what I could yesterday, but a lot of businesses aren't open on Sunday. It makes me kind of glad I have four weeks until my next race.

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Mallie said...

You gotta recover as hard as you race. Seems like you're getting that part down pat. The rest will all come together soon. Keep it up!