Friday, May 30, 2008

Bacon Chocolate

Yeah, I said it. Bacon chocolate. It's the most exciting thing I have to tell right now.

A couple of days ago, a co-worker came back from a vacation to Scotland and brought an assortment of shortbread and other buttery treats back with her. This lead to a discussion of the superiority of real butter and other "natural" fats in cooking and baking, which lead to the joking proposal of bacon grease based cookies.

It's a horrible idea, but it reminded me of a recent trip to the local international/organic/ health food market, which keeps a ridiculously large selection of chocolate from all over the world near the checkout (sneaky). I did a double-take when I saw what appeared to be piece of back on a chocolate bar. Sure enough, it was a bacon bar. I was initially repulsed, but the work conversation inspired me to purchase one and bring it in to share with my office-mates yesterday. It wasn't bad. It was sort of good. I ate what was left after everyone else had a piece. I probably won't buy one again.


On the training front, I'm feeling too darn good. Not really. My legs still kind of feel like lead, but despite homework, work-work, and a fairly heavy training load so far this week, my stress and recovery scores are solid and I am maintaining a very good sense of well-being. My muscles are tired, but I don't feel bad. All of this is good, of course, but I'm trying to figure out how this week is different from my pre-crash living dead experience a couple of weeks ago or the deep fatigue and depression I dealt with all winter. I need to know so I can keep whatever's going on now going.

The only difference I can think of is the bacon bar. Just kidding.

However, I've really have been eating a lot this week and I'm wondering if it's helping. It's mostly been good quality food with the exception of the bacon bar and shortbread. I'm sticking to my snack schedule, having chocolate milk within minutes of getting off the bike, and actually eating dinner after I shower. Well, if you count stuffing some hummus and broccoli sprouts into a pita pocket dinner. It's got protein, fiber, carbs, and vegetables and requires chewing, so close enough.

It's usually so late when I get done training, so I just want to suck down some recovery drink and go to bed, but this week I've been eating real food at least. I'm getting a little less sleep because of it, but I'm feeling so much better right now I'm thinking it's worth it.

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm gonna go search for a bacon bar, now.