Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Training Camp

I just have been in a very bloggy mood since Christmas. That's probably okay since last week was very boring training-wise and nothing really happened worth telling about. Mainly just the same ol' strength and trainer workouts that I've been doing for a while. The only weird part was that Coach Dave gave be a rare SATURDAY day off, which was incredible, but also weird since I had the opportunity to ride in daylight and decent weather for January (40's and no rain or snow) and didn't. The weirdness continued on Sunday when it was in the 60's, but I had a one-hour trainer workout on my schedule.

I could have protested, but I've strongly committed to doing the workouts I've been assigned. Plus, this is going to be my first big week of 2008 at a whopping 11.5 hours. ;) I figured I would soak in the easiness while I could.

However, yesterday's wind and thunderstorm threw a small monkey wrench in my plans. I was supposed to have Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons off and do long rides, but the weather required me to move my long rides to today and tomorrow instead. Not a major deal, but kind of annoying.

So this afternoon I'm taking off a 45 mile dirt road ride that I've never done before. Apparently, it's pretty hard and the directions are pretty complicated, so I'm sort of nervous, as well as excited. I'm a little worried about being so deep into hillybilly country all by myself, but I usually don't let things like that bother me so I'll try to get over it. I was going to do it on my MTB to simulate the Ouachita Challenge and Mohican 100, minus the singletrack parts mixed in. (It's very hard to get in any singletrack time this time of year since the trails are so muddy.) However, since it's my first time, I'm going out on my 'cross bike since it's a little faster and I don't want to be stuck out after dark if things go badly.

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