Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Personal Day

Yesterday I took an unplanned rest day from both training and work. I woke up not totally sick, but absolutely exhausted with the same sore throat that I've had on and off for a couple of weeks. After dragging my way through breakfast, I decided it was a good occasion to cash in some personal time.

Of course, one can't call in sick to work and then go ride in good conscience, but I really was tired so that was okay. I slept a lot and was pretty horribly bored otherwise. I didn't have any unwatched discs from Blockbuster and didn't feel like going to the store to exchange the one I had. So I indulged in a healthy lunch and some bad daytime TV. I also finally got around to completing my application for a graduate certificate program I'm hoping to start this summer.

It was probably good that my day was relaxing but not THAT fun. Boredom is good in such cases. It's allows me to rest, but I still get the reminder that laziness is not something I want to take on full-time.

I simply have not been taking very good care of myself since Christmas; mainly eating too much sugar and not going to bed on time. I've got to start keeping up with the maintanence work a lot better if I want my body to withstand and endurance training program, so I used yesterday as mini-rehab for my sugar/procrastination addiction. I'm almost 48 hours clean, but tomorrow's the office "Superbowl Party" so we'll see what happens then.

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