Tuesday, May 5, 2009

State of the Lindsay Address

In keeping with my newfound love of gratuitous visual aids, I thought I'd share this pretty little picture that Jason sent me yesterday. It represents the cumulative effect of my first 50+ days of big girl training. It is also justification for the extra day of rest that I was granted today, as I have been in the negative fatigue-wise for a while. It looks like I came very close to zero before my race on Saturday, but I sure didn't feel it.

Mostly I'm just proud of the neat little "up, up, and away" peaks and valleys that I've been making. I haven't followed a training plan so perfectly since my freshman year of college, and well, I was a freshman in college. I had a lot less responsibility in those days, as well as a naive sense of invincibility about injuries, talent, and self-efficacy.

So I will take this opportunity take one last drink of water before I step out into the desert of pain. I have six and a half weeks to get ready for the Lumberjack 100, and I want to make every workout count.

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