Monday, May 4, 2009

A Side Note

There is one small detail that I forgot to mention in my report of the DINO Warsaw race.

The music that is played over the PA system during DINO races is eclectic to say the least. However, I was a little shocked to hear that "Had A Bad Day" song playing as we were getting ready to line up for our race. Really? I'm sure it's occurrence at that particular time was random, but why is that song even on the playlist? It did very little to help my gurgling stomach and wobbly legs get ready to face the pain.

I tried to think of a song that actually could have helped the situation, but I can really think of one. Of course, "She's A Maniac" is my official "jam" for the season, but I think that would have actually made things worse at the moment, as well. Who wants to hear about the "wire between will and what what will be" when you're standing on the orange spray paint stripe between "will and what will be" knowing that the two will likely not converge that day?

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bikelovejones said...

Did a 210-mile charity ride two years ago where the support van blared out "White Wedding" just as I was heading up an insane hill (10 % grade, 2 miles). Odd, but somehow perfect. The van moved on but the song stayed in my head until I crested the hill.