Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Product Placement

As I mentioned the other day, lately I'm getting a lot of rest days to make up for the fully-loaded weekends leading up to the Lumberjack. I thought this would be fun, but I'm getting a little stir-crazy (my last post as evidence), not to mention that I'm running low on blog material. So I'm thinking back to the bad old days of last winter when days off were the norm and I was low on material. What did I turn to?

1) Lame-o written displays of emotion (covered on Monday)
2) Proselytizing about fabulous (or un-fabulous) cycling-related products that I'd recently encountered.

I've been meaning to mention the upcoming debut of Women's Cycling Magazine for a while, but between my lack of other material and the fact that the June 22 release date is soon approaching, today seemed like a good day to do so. I'm not sure how widespread the word about this new magazine is, because I only knew about it from a Bicycle Retailer and Industry News article that Adam emailed to me. However, after further research, I realized that the proprietor is a fellow Velo Bella (but not the one on the cover). Although I am generally skeptical of "women's specific" cycling products, I figure a real live glossy magazine about women's cycling has got to be a good thing, especially if all of the covers feature mud and pained expressions. Hopefully, subscription numbers will be high and this will be our chance to tell the cycling industry that we're here, we have no fear, now make us some decent bib shorts.

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meh-wee-uhn said...

I've been working in the bike industry for 10 years now and so I'm generally skeptical of "women's specific" product too. For far too long, "women's specific" design simply meant "shrink it and pink it." However, product offerings in the industry have gotten better in the past few years.

Hopefully we at Women's Cycling Magazine can provide all types of women with coverage that inspires them and that they can relate to.

Please don't hesitate to send us your thoughts. Thanks!