Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hunger Is Back

Like, literally.

Even with an extra day off this week, I still haven't returned to the full-on, coming-out-swinging, rip-some-legs-off good feeling I had a few days after the OC, but I feel okay and had good workouts the last two days. My appetite has also returned with a vengence, since it got a little blunted toward the end of the last training cycle. However, I've been really hungry the last few days, and I consider that a good thing. Sure, I'm still trying to lose my 2008 weight gain, but I'm down eight pounds from February, which is pretty good for someone who wasn't actually "overweight" by medical standards and isn't counting calories (just reducing dietary junk). While sudden, biting hunger during the workday requires lots planning and an abundant supply of fruit and nuts stored in my desk (yes, I am a squirrel), I take it as a sign that my body's adapting to the training properly.

I got training plan for the rest of May and the first week of June today. That's going to be the remaining bulk of my training for the Lumberjack. By the time I start my next calendar, I will be tapering (woohoo!). Things are looking a little different this month. The weekly volume is about the same as April, but it is skewed more towards higher weekend volume, with short, intense work during the week. I'm also getting more rest before my weekend endurance rides, so hopefully I can actually ride well during these sessions, instead of just gutting them out.

Okay, I'm 30 minutes past snack time, so I better eat something.

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