Thursday, May 14, 2009


Normally, I don't like sandbaggers, but perhaps this will lead to something good.

This road has been closed for about eight weeks, because part of one lane caved in, presumeably due to the onslaught of hydrogeological activity every time it rains. I can only guess that it's taken the city so long to fix it because the road runs through a park and is not on the main car route to anything important business-wise. However, the road is a key thoroughfair for cyclists.

The most annoying part is that someone is taking great pains to make sure we can't ride through. For a few days, the logs will have enough open space to ride through, but a few days later, they will be rearranged so that one must dismount and climb over. And you can't safely do a super sweet cyclocross dismount in road shoes on pavement. It just annoys me because cyclists aren't generally very heavy people, so I think the chances of us collapsing the road are pretty low. If the city is so concerned for our safety, why don't they fix the freakin' road already?

Hopefully, the sandbags and backhoe are a sign that things will be fixed soon.

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