Wednesday, April 29, 2009


While bathing my bike last night, I decided that three and a half weeks was long enough for my Ouachita Challenge zip ties to stay on my handlebars. Last year I had a crazy idea to leave them on for the rest of the season, as a reminder of my accomplishment in finishing the race. Then the season kind of turned to crap after that and I forgot the zip ties. They didn't come off until a couple of weeks before THIS YEAR'S Ouachita Challenge. So I decided to take an opposite approach this year. I went ahead and cut them off as a reminder that merely finishing the OC WON'T be the coolest thing I do this year.

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leona said...

Love the attitude!!! You are right-you will accomplish more then you realize this year- as will the rest of us!! we just dont know what those accomplishments will be some times!!