Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Because

I decided to take and post this picture for three reasons. The first is that I've never actually taken and posted a "looking down while I'm riding" picture on my blog. Nice, but I don't think I'll make it a habit.

Second, I wanted to show off the new silver bar tape that Adam added on Monday. He saw that the black was making my pink gloves dirty, so he switched it to something less rubbable. It's kind of a nice change after three years or so. My road bike is definitely the pure workhorse of my stable, but it was nice to spruce it up a bit.

Finally, I wanted to demonstrate that I pulled out the full winter Napoleon Dynamite booties one more time for the year. From my perch on the sixth floor of the Poplars Building, I watched the weather go from rain to wind to sun to sleet to snow and back and forth in between all day. The temperatures stayed in the mid-forties, so when I went out to ride, I wanted warmth plus protection from whatever the sky might throw at me. Luckily, it just alternated between sun (in which I was too hot) and drizzle (in which I was about perfect). The wind was manageable, and I got in another decent Sweet Spot Bursts workout. My numbers were lower than last week, but that was intentional survival strategy. Only five more days until rest week!

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