Thursday, April 23, 2009

Call Me Panini

Because I am flat and toasted.

Okay, that's a little overdramatic, but the phrase came to mind during my workout last night. I did 4 X 10 minutes Sweet Spot, and it actually went okay, except for the last one.

When I got my April training calendar, I saw that it was very much like my March training calendar, except for a slight increase in volume and intensity. The general structure and workout order was very similar, though. My first thought was that I would most certainly make it through April without being a drama queen about how tired I was, since I already knew exactly how I would feel this week and that yes, I will in fact recover from it next week. I did underestimate the effect of a mid-cycle race and an especially stressful two-week period at work. I remember that I had an especially un-stressful week at work at this point in the March cycle and I still whined like a baby. Progress, right?

I recall stating back in December that one of my goals for 2009 was to get over my fear of overtraining. I kind of forgot about that goal for a couple of months, but then I suddenly accomplished it when I least expected to. My goal in March was just "get back in the training groove", but I ended up setting some personal bests, at least in the mental and emotional areas and I'm very happy with the progress I'm continuing to make.

But sometimes it's fun to whine, anyway.

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