Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gag Reflex

My attempt to KILL IT on my one minute intervals last night didn't go as great as I had hoped. I felt a little flat after two days off and I underestimated how hard they would feel with a mere one minute rest in between. For my Bloomington readers, I did the intervals going South through Cascades Park, since the smooth pavement and gentle upward grade would help put out my best power. Unfortunately, there were little fuzzy things falling out of the trees everywhere and a lot of my effort was wasted trying to not suck them down my throat or get them in my eyes during the hard efforts. Gross!

It was kind of funny because it seemed like the park was full of Little 500 riders going the opposite direction, presumably going for a cool-down ride after ITT's last night. I couldn't help but imagine what they were thinking as they met me grimacing, gagging, and grunting through my workout.

Overall, I still did pretty decent, but I wasn't able to produce the numbers I had hoped for a few days ago.

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