Friday, April 10, 2009

So What? I'm Still a Rock Star

The DINO Spring Tune-Up has been cancelled. That means that it will be three more weeks before my first cross country race, which is kind of okay because I'm not really fast enough to be racing cross country yet, anyway. Between the late start to training and the very endurance-heavy period leading up to the Lumberjack, I don't actually expect be "fast" enough until late summer. That makes me a little nervous about the first couple of DINO races, but tomorrow was supposed to be my freebee where I was the only girl in my class and got to pump up my ego with some decent lap times. Plus, I was totally looking forward to riding this thing, now that I actually know how to ride a bike.

That was from my very first race in 2006, which was about my fifth time on singletrack and my technical skills did not exist yet. I have a feeling that course is a little easier now that I have become "Rockhopper Rodkey". Instead, I get to do a sweet race simulation workout on the road, that should be really hard but kind of awesome at the same time. I like making my power meter go "vroom vroom".

I can't really explain the sudden burst of cycling related self-esteem. I'm still feeling good about last weekend, time and place aside. Something about the fact that I got faster without really trying makes feel hopeful about the future. Plus, I'm feeling surprisingly grown-up about following my training plan for the first time in my life.

Seeing Sarah last weekend was an inspiration to me, because she's made so much progress in the last year. She mentioned "putting on your big girl panties" when it came to training, and it got me thinking: If you put on your big girl panties often enough, eventually you'll actually become a big girl.

Excuse me while I go change...


Emily said...

Dannng, I was kind of considering doing the DINO tune up if I got a decent way into my research paper, which I haven't.

On April 26 there is a TT at Winona Lake... that is the weekend before the race there.

I was going to do it but I'm not sure anymore. I kind of still want to, because I did it last year and I want to see if I'm faster now.

Haha, the big girl panties thing made me laugh.

I hope your ride goes well!

Sarah said...

It was really cool to see you last weekend. Maybe we can start a "big girls" club?