Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I promised tales of accunpuncture and FTP tests today, but I didn't say they would be exciting.

The accupuncture was interesting, but I'm not cured of whatever's ailing me yet. The highlight was the lady telling me that I was too young too be feeling so worn out. I'm trying to not to read too much into that philosophically.

Despite gritty determination, the FTP test didn't happen, or at least not well enough to get good data from. I've had two ridiculously bad work days in a row and my whole body was hurting from the stress. I simply do not have a time trial in me at this time. Hopefully, I've got enough power data for a reasonable guess as to my training zones and I can just work on getting back into normal training until my next scheduled test in about four weeks. All my workouts are already scheduled between now and then and they look surprisingly kind. I think my next few week's schedule will be good for building my confidence back.

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Danielle said...

Hang in there! Last year I was feeling super worn out at this time. I (being the hypochondriac that I am) was convinced that I had all sorts of things wrong with me.

It turned out that I was just tired. Get lots of sleep and eat lots of clean foods. You will start to feel like a new person!

Hope you get into the Iceman. It's always a really good time!