Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Don't Feel Like It

"What?" you ask. Anything.

After completing my class (A-) and starting to ride again, I attempted a time trial last Tuesday that has left me completely blown up mentally and physically ever since. I still haven't done my FTP test, but it is on tap for tomorrow. I think part of the problem was trying to go too hard, too soon, and the other part is that I'm just feeling too well to begin with. Without dragging on and sounding like a crazy hypochrodriac (more than I do already), I'll say I'm embarking on a multi-faceted plan to restore my mental and physical well-being. For the moment, I'm working on de-sugarizing my diet (18 hours clean) and I've got an appointment with an accupuncturist tomorrow. I'm not really sure what I'm expecting, but it's just something I wanted to try.

I will be back tomorrow with tales of being stabbed with needles, both by a stranger and by myself (at least metaphorically during my FTP test).

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cheryl said...

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time turning the corner on training/racing. Why not just try riding for fun for a while and find the joy in it again, rather than feeling the pressure of having to do this training session, or this race. We just do this for fun.

take care