Monday, August 18, 2008

Forgot the Best Part

I forgot the best part of my race report when I wote it earlier today. To demonstrate the depth of my glycogen depleted stupor after the race, I must add the part where I managed to moon a whole EZ up tent full of relative strangers. My train of thought went something like this:

1) Wrapping towel around my waist so that I could pull off shorts
2) To self: "Gee, this would be easier if this stupid towel wasn't in way"
3) Flipping towel up and pulling down shorts
4) To self: "Wow, that breeze on my butt feels nice. Wait, why do I have a breeze on my butt?"
5) Quickly yanking towel back down
6) Looking around to see who noticed

Everyone acted like they didn't notice, which was nice of them, but it also made it awkward for me decided if I should apologize for mooning them or just act like nothing happened. I opted for a short "Sorry guys!" and an embarrassed smile. If they knew what I was talking about, fine. If not, fine.


Sarah said...

Meh, they've probably seen it before. I'm proud of you for getting back into racing so soon after the crazy summer you've had!!!

Mallie said...

If they haven't seen "it" before, they've got bigger problems, don't you think!!!

Lindsay said...

I would say you both have very good points.