Thursday, August 28, 2008


I just haven't been inspired to post lately. My training is just kind of cruising along, without anything super exciting. I don't have another race for two weeks, and then its just a DINO race, which I expect to be much like the last DINO race, except slightly less painful. I'm a long way from being back in the mix competitively, and I'm okay with that. I know that several steady, unexciting weeks of training are necessary to get me where I was earlier in the year. I just want to not get last place in my class at Iceman and I will be happy. Ten weeks to get that accomplished.

Training will slow down a bit for the next couple of days, since my mom is coming to visit and then I've got my next big butt-kicker workout on Monday. Maybe it will garner some training tales worth telling.


The one interesting thing I can think of is that last night I did an easy 45-minute ride with sprints mixed in. I've been dying to sprint really hard since I got the power meter, but botched TT's and the last race had my legs feeling unsprintable until my day off on Sunday. So last night was a good time, but when I got home and compared my data to "the chart by which I measure my self-worth" (kidding, of course), my suspicions that I'm no Thor Hushovd were confirmed. Right now, my max power is hanging out in the "untrained" territory near the bottom of the page. Of course, I'm actually required to sprint in races, like, never, so I suppose that's okay.


Sarah said...

It's okay. I'm on the bottom of the chart in the short power, too. I think they just need a bigger chart!

Lindsay said...

Yep, they just need to add the "5-year-old" category down at the bottom and I'd feel a lot better about myself! ;^)