Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 100

From my FasCat New Athlete Questionaire, February 23, 2009:

What is your biggest goal in the next year?
a. Put 100 days of consecutive training together (planned rest days okay, skip days are not)
b. Finish the Lumberjack 100
c. Not get last in my category at a DINO race (local series)

Well, the counter started on March 9 when my first FasCalendar took effect, which means that today is Day 100. I didn't really do the math when I set these goals, so I had no idea that the first two would come together in the same week. Now all I have to do is get in a super-easy 45 minute spin after work today and I will be able to check Goal A off the list. Despite the pre-race nerves that I've already had for over a week, I'm pretty confident that I'm ready to complete Goal B this weekend.

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