Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Call Out

I've mentioned this in several places to several people before, but I thought I'd throw it out here. Coach Dave has recently taken over the Lindsey Wilson College Cycling program and has asked me to help him track down recruiting leads, especially for the women's team. So if you a 16-18 year-old cyclist (male or female) or know one who might be interested, please visit the link in the sidebar. There may be scholarships available to high-ability athletes.


Mallie said...

That's very cool, L! I wish more schools had cycling teams. Down here cycling is rather looked down on. Football is king. Thanks for the comments and support during our rough patch. Now I need to get in gear so you only lap me once at Lumberjack!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I don't think I'll be lapping anyone. After the last couple of (non)training weeks, I'm just hoping to make the time cutoff. Luckily, there's still 15 weeks left for both of us to reach for more ambitious goals!