Monday, February 4, 2008

My Children

While my blog hero, Ms. T, has expressed some pretty strong feelings about blogging kitty pictures and stories, I feel that it's an important part of my life I need to share. So here is a little bit about my family.

This is Sixx. She was Adam's before we got married. He named her after Nikki Sixx from one of his all-time favorite bands, Motley Crue and because she has a "6" marking on her side. It must be the other side or the way she is standing, since you can't really see it in the picture. This from her "outside kitty" phase a few months ago. We let her come out on the patio with us one afternoon in August and she spent the next couple of weeks standing by the back door and crying to go back outside. It just not safe for little kitties living in town though.

This is Campbell, named after the actor Bruce Campbell. As a kitten, he was rescued by the famous Dumpster Phil and given to Adam. He was and is still blind in one eye from a big cut that was on his face when he arrived. He grew up to be 15 pounds of solid muscle, but he's still the biggest crybaby of our crew.

This is "my" cat Mrs. Biggleworth. I'm obviously less original in my pet-naming than Adam. I thought I was being funny by naming my super furry kitten after the hairless cat in Austin Powers. However, in retrospect it was just kind of dumb. For all useful purposes, her name is Furry. She is less affectionate than the other two; I think it's from being a spoiled only kitten for the first year and a half of her life. Lately, she has become the most boring cat that ever lived, since I got her a new bed and she doesn't want to move from it.

Finally, this is my kitty-daddy, Adam, in all his MTB glory. I met him when I first moved to Muncie, IN for graduate school and he was my downstairs neighbor. I had been wanting to get into cycling, so when I saw that I had a neighbor with a roof rack and bike stickers all over his car I thought I needed to meet him ASAP. He just looked out his window and thought the new girl moving in was hot. We met a couple of days later, dated, and after some minor drama, got married two years later.

And that's the way we became the Rodkey bunch...

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