Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Backswing and the Upswing

Things were looking bad there for a while. I spent a good portion of the last 2-4 weeks looking and feeling like a real-life embodiement of those "Depression Hurts" commercials except I was shoving a lot more food into my mouth. I can't really even say what what was wrong. The most craptastic weather of recent memory didn't help, but I think a lot it had to do with my overconfidence in being Superstar Winter Training Girl. When things got tough, I sat on the couch and ate ice cream. That was the backswing.

Now I'm back on the upswing. The sunny weather and the realization that I was weeks away from my Expert Class debut helped get me going again. I've got four days back on the wagon under my belt and just a few more days left before Daylight Savings Time starts. I'm trying not think about adding up hours and just focus on getting on my bike everyday except for Monday and Friday. Those are my plyo days. If I keep doing that day after day I'll be fine.

In addition to the cheery weather, Adam surprised me with pink cable housing on my mountain bike. I think it looks pretty good with the black and silver (excuse the dirt). He's been suprising me with occasional bike gifts, which are almost always pink, since about our second or third date. I think he's trying to turn me into Mountain Bike Barbie (if only Barbie would actually try mountain biking), but generally I like his taste.


Liz Schleeper said...

Ha, way to get back to it, despite ice cream crash. Great that you are looking fwd to your first expert race.

Mallie said...

Everybody goes through ups and downs. We're human, not robots. So you had a slump, so did I. Now we're both back on track and we've got our eye on the prize at Lumberjack. The prize, for met at least, being finishing.

Are you looking forward to Ouachita?

Lindsay said...

I'm still looking forward to Ouachita, although my expectations are pretty low at this point. I don't think there's any shame in having low expectations for my first endurance race, though; it might even be a good thing!

jenn said...

Nothing wrong with being a couch jockey, just don't go getting hit by a car. It sucks! Pink Cable housings, very romantic. I do remember meeting you, best of luck with the season!! I'll prolly be racing much later in the season due to my injuties and my focus will be on the road. But who knows, maybe we'll run into each other.