Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #54: According to Plan

I would've had us swerving through those streets
Over and over
I would've stalled or rushed us through those greens
Over and over
But you knew that
And you wouldn't let me lose control

You carried romance in the palm of your hand
You called the plays for us
You clung to self-restraint, you followed the plan
You put the brakes on this

And it drove me
And it drove me
And it drove me wild

Once the snowpocalypse ended, and I *finally* had to go back to real work with real co-workers present and everything on Wednesday, I was struck with a familiar feeling. It was the feeling that I was tired, and going back to real work was hard, and I really didn't want to get on the trainer that evening. However, when I arrived home, I changed clothes, got on the trainer, performed the first interval, and then performed the next, until I was two-thirds through my goal of 12 and figured I might as well finish. When it was over, I was struck with another familiar feeling of things being really simple in a the midst of ever-complicate life situations. Despite all of the big changes going on in my life that are out my control, it was time to be in control of my destiny in a silly little bike race in March by making one good decision at a time. Once the first one was made, each subsequent one becomes a little easier.

I don't have any training pictures this cos winter gloves, so here are the kitties and I "recovering" between morning ride and weight training on Saturday.
So as that transformation was taking place this week, the above lyrics through my head a lot. As I sit through extended time away from the man I love, wait to find out what the next year holds for us, and contemplate my cycling and work plans in the context of this uncertainty, I remember how having at least one plan in place can make the other uncertainty a little more tolerable. So I'll continue to get on my bike when I'm supposed to get on my bike, go to the gym when I need to go to the gym, and climb unnecessary ass-kicking gravel climbs when I need to reduce myself to a puddle of goo so that I can recover and become less goo-like later. Then, maybe once that's all over, March will bring some answers to my bigger questions and I can formulate a bigger and better plan.

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