Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week #53: A New Year's Snowpocalypse

See what I did there? I wasn't really sure what to do with my whole weekly numbering system at the end of the year. I decided that since it was supposed to end at 10 after last year's Death March but didn't, I might as well keep going. Last week may have begun a new year, but it was the 53rd week of the rest of my life.

To celebrate this, Frank and I headed to Indy to take part in a fancy New Year's Eve party held by friends of some of our CX buddies. I think I had been dreaming of getting dressed up and kissing him at a fancy party on New Year's Eve pretty much since I met him. This is probably because he has a great fashion sense and actually enjoys getting dressed up, a rare and wonderful quality in a man, although I admittedly get jealous sometimes when he looks better than me. We'd really wanted to stay in Bloomington due to all the travel that we'd each already been through in the previous couple of weeks, and sleeping in my own bed was a luxury to which I was just becoming accustomed again. However, nothing good was happening in Bloomington, so we decided it was worth the extra effort to be with friends and have a more memorable experience.

I missed waking up in my own bed, but waking up to my favorite puppy, Lo, outside the door was a good consolation. 
As I mentioned before, Frank had to head back to State College on Friday, which left me alone for my weekend Death March training, but I was much more at peace with that by the time the weekend came. With the whole trying to be less selfish thing, I realized that my being pouty would only increase his stress without getting me any closer to what I wanted, so I let it go. It was a little hard getting inspired for a 446 pavement ride, which is what I expected would be necessary after a decent amount of snow on Thursday, but I made it out the door. Once I got out there I saw that the side roads were less snow-covered than I expected, so I did do the loop of checkpoints west of 446 just to break things up a bit. I'm still at the point where just getting through a long ride is about all I can do, and the pop still hasn't come yet, but I've got 9 weeks for the legs to come around.

My front window was completely iced over from the inside, so Clemmie decided it made a good kitty popsicle.

Sunday was the beginning of the supposed Snowpocalyse 2014, although it mostly just was 33 and rainy for most of the day, with the snow only setting in the very late afternoon. Although not as nasty as expected, it still wasn't really going outside weather. I got in a short trainer ride in the morning and my regularly scheduled weight session in the afternoon. My body is still adjusting to the 3X a week winter weight training schedule, but it's getting better and I'm making good progress on my goal to *finally* do an unassisted dead hang pull-up before the winter is over.

I had all but lost hope of a snow day on Monday, but somehow we did have one called before bedtime on Sunday, at which I was elated. I awoke to a temperature of -9 degrees and more snow on the ground than I had expected. I proceeded to spend the entire day inside with the kitties while I gave my muscles time to recovery between the Sunday and Tuesday training sessions.

With another snow day today, it should be my third day in a row of almost exclusively indoor kitty time, but I did venture out to run some errands and will go to the gym later. I guess even I have my limits for PJ's and kitty cuddles.


Finally, with the new year beginning last week and Death March registration starting, it was time to reanimate my Death March Memes Tumblr. This made for popular winter entertainment last year, but I haven't been super inspired yet, so please feel free to contribute your creations to lindsayhall99 at hotmail dot com.

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