Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Write That Down

This might not be the most eloquent or entertaining post, but I wanted to write down a goal for the world to see.

I've been kind trying to refocus a bit since the Lumberjack and seems that all of my goals for the season are now either met, moot, or will not be met. 100 Days - met. Finish 2009 Lumberjack - not a lot I can do on that one at this point. Finish better than last in a DINO race - technically met, but moot since I catted down.

I still have the Pisgah stage race looming, and of course my goal is to finish, but it's lost its status of highly-focused, obscessive goal. I not ready to go through another eggs-in-one-basket experience like the Lumberjack. Whatever happens, I'm not going to take it personally.

Today starts a block of the meaty, make-me-faster training I've been missing. I'm a little scared of the pain, but I'm also excited at the prospect of seeing another bump in my threshold power by the time the month is over.

So I set a process goal for the next year: To raise my threshold power to 3.8 watts/kg by October 1, 2010. That means I've got to get a lot stronger and a least a little skinnier in the next 15 months.

There, I wrote it down. Now I have to do it.

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