Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Can Haz More Wattz All Over Again

Last night I did Jason's famous race simulation workout for the second time. The first time was back in April, but my training has since been occupied with a lot of endurance, peaking, and rest. July has been about getting my fast back and it's really working.

Last night's workout was 3 minutes Vo2, 5 minutes Threshold, and 8 minutes Sweet Spot in rapid succession. Although April's workout was broken up a bit differently (2/5/10 minutes), I average 15 watts higher at 175 watts. More importantly, I finished feeling like I could have averaged 180 for a full 20 minutes had that been my objective.

I haven't done an actual 20-minute threshold test the entire season. Jason has just been calculating my zones based off of the two simulation workouts and the two road races I did earlier in the season. When I have workouts like the one last night, I'm left wondering how I would do if I did an official test. I might blow it away, or I might crack under the pressure of a TEST; I'm not sure.

I wish I had power data from the first 16 minutes of a real mountain bike race to see how much it actually looks like this workout. In theory the workout seems like an accurate simulation of the the start of a race or at least one with no bottleneck start. But as I rolled out to Bottom Road yesterday, my intestines were not in knots and I was thinking "200 watt for the first 3 minutes won't be THAT bad." However, the first three minutes of a real race usually involves stomach cramps, trying not to crash, and thinking, "Oh the pain! Oh the pain!" It's sad, but I think I need my little yellow friend to tell me whether I'm really hurting or not.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to wait a little longer to find out how this month's training translates into the real world. Adam has a family reunion the same day as the DINO Versailles race, so I will likely not see any more actual competition until the Logansport race on August 16. DRT Consulting is putting on a dirt TT at Brown County on August 2, but I'm not sure what to expect from that.


Jason Hilimire said...

Stay tune, magic workout will soon be making it's way to your favorite bike racing website ;) where you can see the comparison

Emily said...

I hope I can do that BCSP should def. do it...mainly because DRT races are the best because YOU GET TO STAND ON A BOX. Woah, I'm on a box. It's like being on a boat. Plus, you could go out later on and ride the same thing and see if you can beat your time. Plus, it's totally close.

Lindsay said...

Yes, I DO get to stand a box. The question is how many girls will show up and which box I get to stand on. :)

DRT events should be more popular based on the box alone.

Aaron said...

The first 10-15 minutes of an XC event are always the worst. I'm always trying not to puke or keep my heart from exploding. Fun though.