Monday, October 27, 2008

USGP Louisville

I was going to wait until results were up on the Internet before I wrote my race report for the weekend, but really I just didn't feel like typing in the precious two hours between the time I got home last night and bedtime. However, I'm in the write-y mood now, so I'll go ahead and recap.

Not that there's much to recap. I came home with two more next-to-lasts, although I may get some arguement on this point. To that I will just go with the idea that that there is no one truth, only many personal truths, and my personal truth is that I've managed to be next-to-last in every race so far this season. I might not have been the next-to-last name on the list when the results came out, but for all practical purposes I was. Faster girls getting mechinicals doesn't really impact my progression as a racer, which, until there are podium spots up for grabs, is what actually matters to me. However, I suppose I am showing SOME progression. Last year I had 5 DFL's, and 2 next-to-lasts, so I guess 4 next-to-lasts and no DFL's is an improvement.

Now I'm just really tired from getting up at 4 a.m. two days in a row, racing, and standing around all day watching races. I just looked in the mirror and my hair's even more flat than normal; I think its tired, too. Or it could be the weather, but I'm going with tired.

So anway, it was a pretty good time overall. Two cool points of the weekend were:

1) Having Georgia Gould cheering for me (not by name or anything, but still), as I rode by during the race.

2) This one is for Sarah, who likes to talk about the "pain cave" and the "fatigue tunnel". When Tim Johnson went out on the a solo run for the win yesterday afternoon, the announcer was saying, "He's stepping out into the desert of pain. He just got one last drink of water, and he's heading out into desert like Moses." I would definitely like to see "the desert of pain" used again in the future...


Sarah said...

Good job woman!!

Aaron said...

Progression is progression, no matter if you are making the gains you wish for or not.

You will find that once you learn to worry less about numbers and such that the results will grow with much less effort.

Take a week and get some rest. Actual honest-to-God, I'm-not-doing-Jack rest. This will work wonders for your body and more importantly mind and get you back on track for tough work ahead. Good luck!

I can stand on my head. For a long time. said...

Awesome!! At least you finished and weren't completely last place. As long as you put forth an honest effort, and did the best you could on that particular day, then you should be proud of yourself. Don't be too terribly hard on yourself, when it comes down to it you're just riding your bike in circles repeatedly. Plus, you had Georgia cheering for you, which automatically will make you faster from that point on.

I'm sad I missed that race, I was busy doing the "every race on the same bike" omnium, was an experience, for sure.