Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Umm, Well Made Cycling Clothing

I saw these in the latest issue of Velo News and had to check out the website. They look wide enough in the hips that they might actually fit my girl body, but I'm afraid they would probably be too long in both the torso and legs for me. The size chart says that the XS is for men with sub 30 inch waists. My waist is well under 30 inches, but men with 30 inch waists have much smaller hips than I do.

I'm back on my pursuit of bib knickers again, since it's fall and because I had a discussion with two other like-minded female cyclists a few days ago. The women's cycling clothing market frustrates me so much that I'm looking into man-world again, but I don't think it will do me much good. I'm too short and hippy for man-world.

We had discussions about commissioning some girl-modified bib knickers from Champion Systems, since their minimum order is low, so maybe that will work out. Otherwise, I may have to launch my "Just Shrink It, Please" web campaign that I've been plotting. Somehow "pink it and shrink it" took on a negative connotation in the "fast growing" women's cycling industry and companies came up with all these crazy modifications that make no sense. Really, I don't think female cyclists are THAT much different from men. We still like nice stuff, but we just want it our size.


I can stand on my head. For a long time. said...

I wear men's bibs from Champion System...the x-small works for me. And the bib knickers are pretty awesome becasue they're almost pants on me if I pull the legs downward instead of scrunching them up a bit, and the fleece lined ones are so comfy.

Good luck in your bib searching!

Reenie said...

Here you go:


Both styles come w/ optional bibs.

I have their non-bib knickers and like them a lot.

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Reenie. I checked out that sight and they have a lot of cool stuff. I kind of like those crazy full-body suits for winter.