Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week #14: Training Camp Photo Dump

Last week was the second-annual Speedway Wheelmen training camp. The riding was good and all, but nothing too exciting. I got 40-50 miles in the mountains each day while everyone got about 80. It was appropriately hard, but not killer. My work capacity is way better than this time last year.

Otherwise, it was a good time with friends just like last year, so instead of a lot of writing, I'll post some of my favorite pictures.

Sarah, Janelle, and I making up for lost time by modeling our sparkly
headbands with duck lips and  popped out booties to go with them.

While everyone else turned right to climb Clingman's Dome, I turned left into
Gatlinburg and got frozen custard before riding back to the cabin.

Family-style dinner the first night. Lots of pans to
mix-and-match to everyone's unique dietary needs.

Posing with a a giraffe statue at a roadside fireworks
superstore on the way home.

Someone just built their house around their RV.

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