Monday, January 28, 2013

Week #4

Okay, this one really is going to be short and boring. I successfully completed my fourth week of training as planned. No pictures were taken, as it was very cold all week and lobster gloves and photography don't mix.

I did finally get to do a Death March recon ride with my partner yesterday, which was pretty fun, although also pretty hard. Going boy pace for almost three hours is hard, even at easy, riding wheelies up hills and bunny-hopping road kill, boy pace. I mostly tried to keep the legs turning, mask my distress, and maintain gasping conversation. It was actually kind of awesome, because I usually just get intimidated/frustrated when I ride with faster people and give up.

Otherwise, navigation went smoothly except for one minor, "Is this a real road?" discussion that added maybe a half-mile while went a little to further to look for an alternative turnoff. That is a definite improvement over last week's 20-mile epic headwind detour. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhat competent in that area, which is good, as I'm preparing for all sort of scenarios while we await the official list of mandatory checkpoints and time bonuses.

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