Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Thought That Counts

This was on the kitchen table when I got home last night. It's a paper bat (wom-bat) with a bloody dagger in it attached to a new pink Bikesmith's water bottle. It's supposed to be my reward for slaying the "Wombat Trail" (Womble Trail). Unfortunately, I didn't even get to see the Womble Trail this year, much less slay it, but I guess I get to keep the bottle, anyway.

I just got my first peek at the OC results a bit ago. A couple of weeks ago I posed the question on Twitter as to whether it was too ballsy for me to publicly announce that I wanted to finish in the top 15 of the approximately 35 females entered. It turns out that just finishing would have been good for a top 15. I totally could have done it without the flat tire.

And you know what? 15th out of 35 does not suck. I may not have proof on paper yet, but I NO LONGER SUCK. It's a nice feeling.


Jason Hilimire said...

YOU GO GIRL!! YOU ROCK!! Carry that all the way with you from now on :)

Emily said...

1. You are the jam!!! (and you're always 1st place in my heart! and in my heart you never get mechanicals and always make the cut off time <3 <3 <3)

2. Awww, your coach is so encouraging and lovely. That seems more effective than my ex-coach's method of telling me I'm the worst rider on his team, am annoying, told me to shut up a few times, told me I am socially awkward, and that most people think I'm a freak and don't like me. He said nice things occasionally, but I don't remember them well after the negative things. Your coach is nice. =)

3. I will see you tomorrow!!