Monday, February 1, 2010

Initial Crappy Cell Phone Pics

The new bike arrived a day earlier than expected and Adam threw it together kind of quickly. We still need to do some adjustments, swap out some parts, and do a proper bike fit. You can't really tell from the pictures, but there is actually a lot of blue on the frame that wasn't visible on the website. It also came with various blue accoutrements, including blue spoke nipples. Someone worked very hard to choose my accent color for me, so I'm a little worried about how well shoving a bunch of pink into the picture will work. The saddle doesn't match at all right now, but that's what I have for it, so it's on there. I'm going to add some more pink stuff and hope some sort of gaudy equilibrium is reached, but I'm wondering how long I can fight the power. Maybe I should just put more blue stuff on it and "boy it out", even if that's totally not me.

I guess as long as it rides well, that's all that matters.

BTW, I now have a black Fizik Tundra for sale if anyone wants to make an offer.


Marian said...

Hawt! I like the pink saddle with the blue, you can make it work!

Aaron said...

Awesome! I think the blue looks cool, but a swap for some pink wouldn't be bad either.