Friday, January 29, 2010

Okay, Fine.

I will buy your stupid black aluminum bike, but I fear that I will never love it as much as the beautiful white Alliance cousin that you promised in your 2010 catalog and that I have been patiently saving my money for since November. I'm not mad or anything...

Dear readers, it is a sad day in the Rodkey bike basement, as today is finally the payday on which I have accumulated enough funds to purchase a Giant XCT Alliance 29er 2. However, while I was doing final accessory shopping yesterday and wondering one last time if I should go for the frame only instead of the complete bike, I discovered both had been removed from Giant's website. It turns out that they used up all their precious carbon fiber resources on higher end bikes that don't come in my size. Yes, that's right. I'm considered to be a waste of carbon fiber.

So after some deliberation, I've decided to settle for the nicer of the two aluminium models, which is actually spec'd out a bit better than the Alliance was. However, it does not match the white and pink saddle that I already have for it, nor the Vanderkitten "Ice" kit that I ordered for sole purpose that it was going to match my bike (and because I needed a backup plan when the last Velo Bella clothing order was placed through Primal Wear instead of Louis Garneau). I suppose I will now have to switch to the "Hot" color scheme for 2010. And my crystal blue helmet is going to clash with all of it.

In the end, it was interesting to realize that this is the most crushing disappointment that I've felt since my four year quest to find the right job reached a positive resolution last year. And honestly, if that's the worst thing that's happened in the last year, then that's still pretty good.

Anyway, the new bike should be here on Tuesday, and then I will set to work on pinking it out. I just hope the Anthem doesn't pick up on my disappointment and taunt it's new younger brother with "you were an accident, she wanted a white bike instead" jibes. I can't be riding around on a bike with low self esteem, you know.


zenbicyclist said...

Congradulatons! And I'm sure as soon as you bring it home, and realize it is really yours, any little imperfection will quicly be dismissed. You will sneek over and just look at it resting there, and marvel, wondering if you could ever feel the same way about another. We are talking about a bicycle, right?

Aaron said...

You should be prepared for the skirmish already; the Anthem is totally gonna start some stuff. That's just how kids are. :)

The "ice" kit is sweet; if I was a chick I'd totally rock it!

Enjoy the new bike, and look at it this way; the carbon would have been all dainty and you'd have to worry about scratches anyway.

Enjoy it!!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, dainty was exactly what I was going for (at least appearance-wise), however going to be much more masculine than planned. It's actually black and blue instead of just black. I thought black and blue was something mountain bikers tried to avoid.