Friday, October 30, 2009

Pisgah Pictures

Since I didn't take more pictures while I was in Pisgah, I broke down and bought a couple from the The Living Pixel. There were only a couple of actual racing shots, which I wasn't crazy about, so I picked just picked a couple that appealed to me.

This picture shows two of the four Hoosiers who entered, but not the one out of four that actually finished the whole thing. I actually just met Kenny, the guy in picture for the first time right before this picture was taken, but I recognized hit kit as being Indianapolis-based and struck up a conversation. We look so clean, fresh, and hopeful, don't we?

This is me talking to the race director after finishing my 9 hour, 40 minute Stage 1. He's trying to convince me that the stage I just finished was the hardest one. For me, it was, because it was the only day I stuck it out for the entire stage. From my understanding, the second day was actually the hardest, for those that chose to press on through the snow.

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