Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And Then...

Well, given the comments on my last post and the fact that the 2010 DINO schedule was posted while I was away, I don't suppose it would hurt to start discussing the events of my near future. Here is the very tentative 2010 schedule that I sent off to my coach today:

DINO Mountain Bike Series
4/10 DINO Spring Tune-up, Avon
5/1 Warsaw: Winona Lake Trail
6/6 Nashville: Brown County State Park
6/19 French Lick: French Lick Resort (We're getting a genuine US Cup Race!!!)
7/3 North Vernon: Muscatatuck County Park (STXC)
7/4 North Vernon: Muscatatuck County Park (XC)
7/25 Versailles: Versailles State Park
8/15 Logansport: France Park
8/29 Indianapolis: Town Run Trail Park

Endurance events:
3/28 Ouachita Challenge 60 mile
5/29 Mohican 100k (date not official, just guessing)
9/11 24 Hours of DINO, Versailles (9 laps in 12 hours this year?)

I kind of want to pick another 6 hour or 100k-ish race in the last half of the season, but I don't know of any good ones. Any suggestions?

As for the rest of 2009, it's pretty much over. I'm looking at a complete end-of-season break for the next couple of weeks and then an early start on prepping for next year. I may do the Indiapolis CX races just for support reasons, but I'm not sure. I'm not really feeling it right now.

I have started thinking about the 100k gravel road race in Brown County the day after Thanksgiving. Given the proximity of the event, mere $10 entry fee, and the fact that the website very explicitly states that no one will be dragging my sorry butt off of the course, I think it's exempt from my new top 50% rule. That is, I'm okay with one more DFL with such a minimal investment involved. I'm just trying to decide between my 'cross bike and my mountain bike.


Valerie said...

I know it's a drive but there are some fun races in WI. There's the WEMS series and the 12 hour option at the 24 Hours of 9 Mile (

The Wisconsin Endurance Race Series is really fun ( I especially like the races at John Muir and Blue Mound.

Christopher Averett said...

I am in Cincinnati and I was looking at these for something near the end of the season:
Fool's Gold in Ga. mid-Aug, 6 Hours at John Bryan State Park Oh. and the WVMBA Revenge of the Rattlesnake are in mid to late Sept.

Emily said...

where is that 2010 dino info posted?

Carey said...

Hey, I've heard that the Berryman Epic is awesome. I am going to try to do it in 2010.

Emily said...

Hey Lady, we should hang out and ride bikes sometime, I want to hear about your Pisgah adventure! And any other adventures =)