Friday, February 27, 2009

Mini Blogs

I haven't updated my blog in eleven days
I don't have much to do
And I haven't had much to say

That's an excerpt from my new country song that I'm writing. Just kidding. I'm only good at parodying songs that other people have written.

I actually have several things to say, but they are all kind of short and sweet, so I've composed a series of mini posts.


I have a new coach.

I actually decided several months ago that I would probably choose Jason Hilimire of FasCat Coaching when I was ready to be coached again, because I was very impressed with everything that Sarah had written him. With the "who" question answered, it was then a question of when. Within the last month I've ditched my old job, it's gotten really close to daylight savings time, and I'm now friggin' rich. Okay, I'm not friggin' rich, but I got my first "new and improved" paycheck today and I have no complaints. So with all those factors in place, I'm really low on excuses not to get in shape again and a new coach was the last kick in the pants that I needed.

My official "plan" doesn't start until March 9th, because Adam and I are flying to Oklahoma next weekend for my grandma's 80th birthday party and I didn't want to start out with a three-day bikeless period in my first week. However, just knowing that "it's on" again has really helped get me going on my little after-work rides.

I've even been junk food free for five days now...


Along those lines, I am pondering idea of trying out a road race.

I've always been resistant to the idea of road racing, as riding around in a pack with strangers for two hours and then sprinting at the end seemed lame. Also, most of the road races around here throw all women of all abilities into one category, which is a little intimidating.

As for crits, they just seemed too dang dangerous. However, I volunteered at the Bloomington Criterium last summer and after watching the women's race, I was suddenly less intimidated. I decided that if the right crit/circuit race came along this year, I might give it a try.

Then I got an email about this race yesterday and I kind of latched on to the idea. Forty minutes on a 1.5 mile loop seems doable and they have a separate race for Cat. 4 women. I checked with my partner in bike-racing crime, Chrysa, and she said it was a good chance to try out her new road wheels, so I won't have to go it alone.


Finally, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is in Indianapolis this weekend, and hopefully I will get to go check it out on Sunday. I love looking at the pictures from the show every year, so maybe this year I will be able to take some of my own.

This "Fairy Bike" from Rue Sports was one of my past favorites. However, I'm afraid that it's way too pretty to actually ride.

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