Sunday, February 1, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This was mine just a few short days ago. We got the biggest snow we've had in about three years this week, and it was even big enough to shut down the university on Wednesday. That was kind of nice, because it helped make my last week at my old job a little shorter. Even though I was happy to be leaving, I've been very anxious and irritable since I put in my notice.

Hopefully, the anxiety will fade when I officially start my new job tomorrow. I already got to see my office on Friday when I took my box of stuff over, but I was so distracted that I forgot to check out the view from my new window. It should be pretty good though, because I'm on the sixth floor and I'm on the side of the building that faces campus and downtown.

As for the snow, we've had a couple of sunny days and it got up to nearly 50 today, so the roads were fine and I got a much needed sunny day outside ride. Since those are so few and far between this time of year, I'm always amazed at how great it feels to ride in sunlight and not-too-cold weather. I just need to keep up that level of appreciation when April and May roll around.

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