Friday, December 21, 2007

Heading to Oklahoma

The last couple of days have been pretty uneventful. Tuesday was a moderate level trainer workout, Wednesday was core work, and last night I did the Hour of Power again. It was both easier and harder this time, as I knew what I was getting into, but that allowed me to push myself harder. I managed to maintain 23 minutes in Zone 5 with a max HR of 193. I will be doing this workout one more time this training cycle and then it's onto my base phase.

Despite my predictions of booty lock, I never got more than mildly sore this week. It' s a good feeling knowing how much strength I'm building so early in the season. This time last year I was about 10 pounds heavier, riding maybe once a week, and not strength training at all. Compare that with three rides, three strength sessions, and some running and hiking mixed in and I'm doing pretty good. Plus, I've already got my cold/crappy weather riding gear dialed, so I will be able to get right to work in January instead of all experimenting it took last year.

Now if I could just avoid the copious amounts of sugar that I've been consuming...

That should all be out of the way soon enough. Adam and I are heading out early tomorrow morning to see my family in Oklahoma. I got really fed up with airlines last Christmas and swore we would drive this year, since it pretty much seems to take 12 hours to get there whether you travel by plane or car. That's mostly because neither we nor my parents live particularly close to the airport, so there's still a lot of driving involved. Mix that security checks and delayed flights and it takes all day to get there.

Since my parent's house is mostly surrounded by dirt roads, we are taking our 'cross bikes. It should be interesting.

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