Thursday, May 23, 2013

Week #20.5: Bonus Footage

This week's update is pretty late, because last Thursday I was having a particularly bad day at work after several nights of three-ish hours of sleep per night in a row and various other circumstances. Although things are kind of busy at work right now, my boss basically convinced me that I needed to back off from the go, go, go, crash pattern on which I've been operating lately and take some time off from work. I'd already asked off for Friday because my mom was coming to visit for the weekend and I wanted to get one good long ride before she came. I ended up taking Monday-Wednesday of this week off, too.

Even with six days off, I was still kind of go, go, go, but I still managed to get nine hours of sleep most of the nights, so that did wonders for my mental health. The go, go, go was pretty beneficial, too, since it was at least 80% doing things that I wanted to do and seeing people that I wanted to see.

I got to ride BCSP twice and Versailles once, although I still never got more than 30 miles in a single ride, due to time constraints, rain, etc., which was a bit disappointing. I've got to start pushing up to more like 60 or so soon for the 6 hour series. I also got to do touristy stuff with my mom and spend a lot of time with friends, so it was a good time.


Jez Andrews said...

Loving the bike. It's been pink attacked!! Has he got a name yet?

Lindsay Rodkey said...

No, I think he's just destined to be called Karate Monkey.